“Don’t Let Your Dog Suffer Another Terrifying Seizure Just Because You Didn’t Know About This Natural Nervous System Remedy”
PetAlive EaseSure:
Highly Recommended Natural Nervous System Remedy
  • Support the brain and nervous system
  • Restore normal electrical balance in the brain
  • Maintain stability and equilibrium in the nervous system
  • Restore neurological health to reduce, eliminate seizures
Restore Neurological Balance In Your Dog And Stop Seizures Forever
- Shaking
- Convulsions
- Epileptic attacks
- Muscular or sensory malfunction
Best Remedy:
PetAlive EaseSure – Natural Nervous System Remedy
- Support the brain and nervous system
- Restore neurological health and balance
- Prevent and control seizures

What if there was a bestselling remedy that could prevent and control your dog’s seizures by naturally supporting the brain and nervous system? You’d probably want to read this entire article and get started right away so you never have to witness another frightening seizure again.

What Should I Do If My Dog Has A Seizure?

If your dog has a seizure it can be a frightening experience but the most important thing for you to do is to stay calm. Move your dog away from stairs or hard objects like furniture to decrease the chance of him hurting himself. It is also a good idea to wrap blankets or place pillows around your pet.

Speak to your dog in a quiet and calming voice while doing this. Remove any other pets you have from the immediate area. Minimize stimulation in the immediate environment by dimming bright lights, turning loud music off and gently comforting your dog with words and by stroking his side — be wary of the face and limbs as you risk being bitten or scratched.

Write down details that will be useful to your dog’s vet including time of day, length of seizure, apparent state of consciousness and any loss of continence (urine or feces). Any possible trigger — factors like loud noises, unusual food eaten or excessive playing and excitement are also relevant.

After the seizure your dog will probably seem drowsy and a bit “out of it” for a few hours. He may not seem himself and may be slow to respond. Allow your dog to rest undisturbed afterwards as this will help him to recover from the seizure.

PetAlive EaseSure Is Specifically Formulated To Treat And Prevent Pet Seizures

There’s absolutely no reason to let it happen again. You need to treat your dog with a preventative program that will…

  • Soothe the nerves
  • Restore equilibrium of the nervous system
  • Maintain normal electrical balance in the brain
  • Support routine brain function and nervous system stability without introducing side effects

Many dog owners have learned the hard way that relying on conventional medicines alone is not enough.

The better alternative is a specially formulated natural remedy called PetAlive EaseSure by Native Remedies. It contains all the necessary herbal ingredients to support the brain and nervous system in a single bottle.

By starting your dog on EaseSure today, you will…

  • Prevent the symptoms from getting progressively worse
  • Avoid side effects from conventional medicines that seem worse than the illness itself
  • Witness your dog completely return to normal
  • Be grateful to have found a natural solution that really works without altering your dog’s personality or robbing your dog of an active lifestyle
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How Has PetAlive EaseSure Helped Others?

I wonder how quickly you are going to start your dog on EaseSure after discovering how it has worked for others.
Karan from Florida Discovered EaseSure Works Fast And Stops The Shaking

I can’t believe how fast it works. My 7-year-old poodle …got a lot worse and she started shaking. She’s only 6 lbs. and I knew the side affects of the meds they would put her on at the vets. I ordered the EaseSure, and within a day of giving her the drops, she stopped … shaking. I am so thankful for a natural product that has worked so well. It’s been 6 days now since the first dose and she is almost back to normal. Thank you for an alternative solution that really works.”

- Karan, FL, USA

Vivian’s Skepticism Was Replaced With Eternal Gratitude!

“My 4 year old Jack Russel started suffering … in November. It was terrifying (for both of us.) My vet suggested [prescription medications] but the side effects seemed worse than the illness. In January I found your company. On Jan. 22nd I started my Sandy on EaseSure. It seems you are the answer to my prayers. I was very skeptical this would work, to be honest. I cannot say enough good things or praise this product enough. Today my little Jack Russell is completely normal. The drops do not slow her down at all. She is 100% the same dog she always was. It terrifies me to think I almost put her on lifelong meds that would have altered her personality and deprived her of her full, active lifestyle. I will forever be grateful to Native Remedies!”

- Vivian R., NJ, USA

Jeanne in West Virginia Is A Vet Tech Who Couldn’t Be Happier!

“I can’t say enough about your products. Let me start by saying that I am a vet tech. This is a follow-up testimonial after adding EaseSure to the success I’ve had with 2 of your other products. I thought I was going to lose [my Kramer]. In an effort to try to support his liver and pancreas, I looked for a more natural approach and discovered your products. After a couple months on products to support his liver and pancreas with great success, I decided to start him on EaseSure. I couldn’t be happier and neither could Kramer. I’m so thankful I found your products.”

- Jeanne S., WV, USA

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The more you read about how EaseSure has helped others, the more you’ll want to use it to help your own dog.

What Are The Ingredients?

Native Remedies Products Are Safe

Native Remedies’ products are created using the Full Spectrum Approach™ (FSA), a set of standards and processes that combine the best quality, laboratory tested, raw ingredients, Good Manufacturing Practices and a Full Spectrum manufacturing method to guarantee you products of the highest quality, safety and effectiveness, all backed by a One Year Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

Native Remedies’ products are not tested on animals and individual ingredients are well-researched and are natural, safe and effective.

Ask questions about EaseSure by calling the Native Remedies toll-free number at 1-877-289-1235. Be sure to mention reference #13103.

EaseSure contains a number of important herbal ingredients.

Passiflora incarnata (Passionflower) is an herb used to soothe the nerves and support the routine equilibrium of the nervous system. The active ingredients in this herb include flavonoids, cyanogenic glycosides, alkaloids and saparin. Passiflora has also stood up well to clinical studies which support its traditional usage as a soothing and moderating herb. Passiflora is traditionally regarded as nature’s help for frazzled nerves – with the added benefit of being wholly natural

Scuttelaria laterifolia (Skullcap) is an herbal tonic that has been traditionally used to ease non-debilitating feelings of being ‘overwhelmed’. It has well-known carminative properties, helping to support the natural equilibrium normally present in the mind and contributing to the maintenance of a healthy attitude and ‘even keel’. Active ingredients include flavonoids, tannins, bitter, volatile oil and minerals.

Hyoscyamus (30C) is a natural remedy with some common mental and emotional themes running through all its various expressions. This remedy tends to suit those animals that are prone to jealousy if they feel the attention they receive is being threatened.

Belladonna (30C) is an herb that was initially used centuries ago. Sixteenth century Italian women reportedly applied belladonna solutions to their eyes to dilate the pupils and achieve a dreamy and supposedly more desirable appearance (hence the name belladonna, which is Italian for ‘beautiful lady’)! Applied in a more modern context, this remedy suits those that have a tendency towards a common ‘crampy’ discomfort, often being sensitive and ‘jumpy’, startling easily.

Cuprum mettalicum (30C) is a natural preparation which supports continued stability in the nervous system while at the same time encouraging routine digestive function.

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How Do I Use EaseSure?

While conventional medicines often only treat the symptoms of the illness, natural remedies such as EaseSure support overall health and create a holistic balance in your dog’s body. It does this by restoring the neurological health and balance in your dog.

Obviously, this is much better than simply suppressing the symptoms, which is exactly what most conventional medicines do… and why more and more caring pet owners are now turning to natural remedies.


For ongoing long-term support and maintenance: Mix drops as directed below in a favorite treat 2-3 times daily.

Small dogs: 2 – 3 drops.
Medium dogs: 5 drops.
Large dogs: 8 – 10 drops.

NOTE: Half the recommended dose may be mixed into a little water and squirted or spooned directly into the back of the mouth immediately when needed (repeat after 5 minutes for up to two doses if necessary). This dosage may be given in addition to the maintenance dose when necessary.

100% Guaranteed To Work… Or Your Money Back
PetAlive EaseSure has been very effective with a very high success rate. There is an extremely high reorder rate which indicates that customers are very satisified with it. Nonetheless, EaseSure comes with an unconditional one year guarantee. Try PetAlive EaseSure because it’s guaranteed to work.

Native Remedies stand behind their products 100%.

In fact, they are so convinced that their remedies will make both you and your dog happy that they offer a 100% unconditional full year money-back guarantee. They only ask that you use the product for 30 days to give it a chance to work.

What this means for you is that you now have a risk-free way to use EaseSure to treat and prevent your dog’s seizures. Try it for a month. If you’re not happy for any reason (or no reason at all), simply send it back and get a full refund. It’s that easy.

Taking preventative action with a natural remedy will cause you to fully understand why waiting and hoping is simply not the way to go.

Now that you’ve read this article, I’m sure you now realize that you can start preventing and controlling your dog’s painful seizures by using PetAlive EaseSure right now.

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